Visualize and discuss your Intranet ideas

Wireframes are interactive drafts of your Intranet models. They look like sketches – but they go far beyond anything a simple drawing could.
Clickable Wireframe

Not only do they show the layout of the pages as well as its navigation, structure and content but they are also clickable. Thus, you can let people navigate the site as they would if the wireframes were deployed into an Intranet.

Getting feedback from users at an early stage is essential to an Intranet’s successful implementation. While you can model a prototype using paper or other tools, the more realistic the model is, the better visualization and feedback you will get. Using IntranetWireframes lets you create the very model you can deploy for your Intranet. It is easy to use, it only takes clicks to create and it provides the visual representation and navigation as if it were implemented as your intranet.